The Abbate Agency

The Abbate Agency


Robert (Bob) Abbate started as an agent with the Knights of Columbus in 2005.  He built the largest Practice at the time within the Knights of Columbus attaining MDRT Court of the Table seven years in a row.  In 2016 he formed The Abbate Agency (TAA).

With its first location in Virginia Beach, the agency has grown to 8 locations throughout Virginia, from the tip of Maryland, and across West Virginia.  In 2021 and 2022, The Abbate Agency became one of the largest volume and premium producing agencies in the history of the Knights of Columbus and has been in the top 10 producing agencies in North America since inception.

When Bob and his wife Julie moved to Richmond Virginia, the headquarters relocated and the company now employs over 50 people.  Our employees are bound together by the ideals of Father McGivney: to help every family benefit from having a plan in place to protect their financial goals. Our response to people when they ask what The Abbate Agency does is: “We protect Catholic Families and Business that are not our own!”

Utilizing the concepts of Guard, Grow, Give, The Abbate Agency is here to guide you through every financial stage of your life. To Guard is to protect your family and resources; to Grow is increasing your funds towards retirement, and to Give is to pass on wealth to your family or charity in the most efficient way. These principals are used to support families, not just with their financial goals, but with their community and their faith.  We are a family supporting your family and business.

You are invited to visit any of our locations, speak with a representative about our services and products, or visit our Careers center for information about how you can join our family.

We hope to visit with you soon.

Bob Abbate


Bob Abbate, General Agent of The Abbate Agency, and Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly enjoy the Knights of Columbus 2023 Incentive Trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth, Walt Disney World!


Letter of Appreciation from Pat Rowland, Virginia State Deputy

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