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Benny Perez

Benny Perez is your Knights of Columbus Agent with the Abbate Agency serving brother Knights and their families in Loudoun and Fairfax counties. He educates and advises people as they develop and maintain their financial plans. Benny aspires to help people live comfortably in retirement, live with dignity, and establish their legacies.

After 16 years teaching economics and psychology at the collegiate and high school levels, Benny has become a field agent to unite his desire to help people with his passion for the Catholic faith. As a convert to the faith, Benny believes “this is one of the greatest jobs in the world teaching people, promoting our faith, helping people secure their futures, and offering some of the best financial services in the country.”

Benny grew up in a military family, traveling around the world and the United States. He has lived in Virginia for the past 23 years. Along with his wife, Michelle, and their 4 beautiful children, he attends St. Theresa’s Catholic Church in Ashburn, VA. He has been a Knight for the past 14 years, and active in CCD, prison ministry, pro-life activities, and the choir.

Contact Benny today to learn how the Knights of Columbus can help you at benny.perez@kofc.org or call The Abbate Agency toll-free line at 1-866-868-1492 and ask for Benny at extension 1705.

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