Introduction: Finding the Need

Finding the Need: Introduction


Hi, I’m Bob Abbate and this series is gonna be called “Finding the Need.” I’m going to, over the next several episodes, for lack of a better word, show you, teach you, guide you as to how you should be able to protect your family, how you should be able to protect your assets, investments, and also your business.

We’re gonna do this in a Catholic-centric way, because I am Catholic. And we’re going to work on things that are gonna be centered around the three Fs: faith, family, and finances. So with that, we’re gonna start today with why is this going to be any different than any other financial or insurance commercial that you may have heard or seen or read about? So why listen to this?

Financial Advice, Founded in Faith

One of our tag lines is Financial Advice Founded in Faith. That is one of our core principles. It falls in line with our registered trademark, which is Excellence in Life Planning. And you’re gonna hear those two phrases a lot, if I follow my scripts properly, during the next series. So now finances. Financial advice founded in faith. How do we make that all work? Well, that’s tricky. Because, you know, making money for our clients is really fairly simple, it really is. Put together a plan, make sure they follow the plan, make sure you inspect that our clients are following the plan, and at the end of the day, they’re gonna be financially better off than when they started. But doing that in a faith-based centered environment, that can become a little bit tricky.

We work very hard to make sure that our advice is based upon our faith, and that is one of the key purposes and key principles of what we do. So you’re gonna think, you know, “What does this gray-haired guy know about “what we’re talking about?” Well, you know, we have lots of certifications, these little letters behind our name that tells people in our business that we know what we’re doing. Those are great, but the most important thing is life experiences.

Long-Term Planning

We have been working with families in all kinds of different ways for many, many years, generations, if you will. We’re college educated, absolutely, have a degree, have all of that good stuff, but this degree that we have now is going forward and teaching people what we have to do, how we’re going to do it. I’ve also taught advisors on what they need to do, teaching them on how to do estate planning, business planning, family planning for finances, and also taking care of long-term care needs, assisted living needs, how do we set up a trust, how do we set up wills, advance medical directives, and do you want a Catholic advance medical directive.

Our Team

Our team in our five offices throughout the state of Virginia provides each of our clients with places to go to get specific advice, and that’s very important when you’re working with a team. ‘Cause not every one person, man or woman, is gonna know everything. You need to have a team behind you in order to make proper decisions and build really good plans that are gonna be generational in their length.

Helping Families for 15+ Years

We are extremely passionate about helping families. We’re extremely passionate about helping businesses grow and protect what’s important to them. So when we started this 15 years ago, we started with an idea that we are gonna take the Catholic community and make that community stronger by providing them with a place to go to help them with finances, financial planning, protecting what’s important to them. And again, we’re gonna do this based on a faith-based financial plan.

So over the course of the years, as a personal advisor with my own business, we issued and protected more than a half a billion dollars worth of life insurance in around an 11-year window. Now that we have an agency and we are across the southern part of Virginia, with the Diocese of Richmond, particularly, we now have tens of thousands of clients and we’re doing hundreds of millions of dollars a year. So why are those numbers important to you? That tells you that we have experience. That tells you that, based upon how much business we are doing with families, large, small, new, old, businesses that just begun, or businesses that have been around for 20 or 30 years, we have experience in what we do.

Stay Tuned

This experience is important to you. ‘Cause you can’t get that experience when you go online to an internet site and check for pricing. There are certain things that can’t be bought through Amazon, things that you need to have advice, personal touch with. And that’s what we’re gonna be providing to you and your family and your business. So stay tuned, ’cause we’re gonna continue to give you some of those pieces of advice.

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